Restoring vigor and energy

Immerse yourself in the healing tranquility of your surroundings 

Enjoy diverse opportunities for body, mind and soul restoration.

With a stunning view over our vineyard and orchards, Zlatna Nit Wellness Spa presents a unique spa experience, drawing on the natural healing energy of the surroundings, featuring holistic treatments for complete physical, mental and spiritual renewal.

We are dedicated to restoring vigor and energy through individual treatments personalized for each of our guests. Our commitment to wellbeing shows in our carefully designed Wellness Spa with mindfully chosen treatments. These include a variety of massages and body treatments which are complemented by the use of our gym, to complete a holistic wellness experience.

Your wellness experience awaits 30 km from Bihac and Cazin, and only 4 km from Bosanska Krupa. 

Soothe your soul
From the moment you step into Zlatna Nit, you can breathe deeply knowing that the excesses of modern life have been left behind. Indulge in a customized massage treatment, surrounded by the tranquil sounds of nature.

The ambience and environment for a holiday supreme… all very clean and fragrant… relaxation in the wellness centre is ideal for escaping from everyday life… commendations for the friendly girl from the wellness centre 🌺 the rest of the staff also cordially… we recommend it.

Adina, HR

Move your body

Improve the vitality of your body by challenging yourself to a workout in the gym, or a session of tennis at our tennis court.

Our wellness facilities are open to anyone. Do you live close by and want to use our gym or tennis court? Our monthly gym rates are 50KM per person with discounted rates for families. Daily rates are 5 KM per person and bi-weekly 25 KM per person.

The use of our tennis court is 25KM per hour. The soccer court 50 KM per 1.5 hours.

Purify your senses
The healing effects of water therapy are as ancient as our connection to nature itself. Begin with an invigorating plunge in our indoor pool, followed by a warming soak in our jacuzzi. Enjoy relaxing moments in our various saunas to detoxify and aid you in your well-being.
Indulge in self-care
Improve circulation, move stagnant energy and revitalize your body’s largest organ with a body scrub. Prepare to be pampered with selectively chosen products that are focused on purifying, detoxifying and moisturizing.
Enhance your stay with a customized wellness experience
While wellness is an element at Zlatna Nit, consider booking an enhancement to complete your experience. Several packages have been carefully designed for your ultimate enjoyment. Wellness experiences are woven gracefully into your stay to deepen a relaxed experience.

Are you ready for relaxation?

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