Discover the wild at a different height

Fresh air. Breathtaking views. Diversity of flora and fauna.
This is mountaineering in the Una-Sana Canton.

Welcome in the wildest part of Bosnia.

Connect with the Una-Sana Canton from another angle. 

Calm your mind with therapy in nature and enjoy phsysical activity. Fill your lungs with fresh air, let your eyes feast in the greenery of your surroundings, and let peace envelop you.

Enrich your stay in Bosanska Krupa with walks to the most valuable gems of this area: river Una and river Krušnica with her powerful spring. Enjoy the peaceful landscapes, forest walks and stunning views of the Una River Canyon. Nature lovers will enjoy the rich colors of jade, emerald and turquoise that this area offers in abundance.

Choose the path you want and set out to explore the whole day. Mountaineering club “GRMEČ” has created several marked trails that you can explore in your free time. Many interesting and wonderful sights are waiting to be explored by you.

Grab comfortable hiking shoes, hat, sunscreen, water and snacks… and let’s go hiking!


Enjoy a scenic walk

Hiking trails around the area are relatively easy so that people of every age can enjoy a scenic walk. Routes through meadows, passing idyllic farms all the way to cliff edges with fantastic views over the river Una to views above the Una River Canyon – everyone can do it. 


Climb to the top for stunning views

At the end of your hike, dare to reach for even better views. Choose one of 15 climbing paths and ascend to even greater heights with a climb up a cliffside. Take a break mid-climb and look back to feast your eyes on the vastness of the river Una canyon.

The climbing area is a recent addition to the wonderful outdoor activity offerings of this area in Bosanska Krupa. Do you dare to explore these heights?

Discover more places for hiking in the Una-Sana Canton. From Bosanska Krupa to Bihać and farther, mountaineering club “Grmeč” has prepared several interesting trails for you. 

Discover them here.

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