Stillness found above and below the surface.

Seek deep within the waters to find a world full of life and colors.


The one and only

Legend of this region says that Roman legionaries upon witnessing the river Una were stunned by the river’s emerald beauty. Standing in front of the beautiful clear mountain water and its abundant waterfalls and rapids made them realize the unique beauty that was presented in front of them. They called her Una – translates to “the one and only”, meaning there is no river as unique as the river Una.

Fishermen and nature lovers delight in endlessly enchanting scenes, with flora and fauna that can be found along the Una River in this area of the Una-Sana Canton. A beauty that has remained wild and intact for thousands of years.

Its spring lies near a village called Donje Suvaje (Croatia), in a semi-cave on a rocky mountain at a height of 448 m, where it then flows into the Sava in the village of Uštica near Jasenovac. Streams Labinovac, Studeni potok and Srebrenica descend, alongside the spring, from the slopes of mountain Čemernica.
The river Una is 214 km long, with varying widths and depths in its course. It comes second, after the Drina, in amount and strength.

Beautiful waterfalls are found in Martin Brod where the Una descends into a valley, receiving the tributary Unac, emerging from its canyon part. The river Una passes through canyons in mountaineous parts and wider valleys that run downstream. Flowing out of the canyon, the water deepens the canals and channels in the tufa and porous bottom of the riverbed, creating waterfalls and rapids of immeasurable beauty.

Brook and California trout, and grayling
Medium flow: juvenile, pike, chub, podust, roach, and barbel
Downstream: all other lowland fish species including catfish

Fishing grounds
The salmonid part of the river starts in the upper or distinct part of the source of Ripče (10 km before Bihać), the middle from Ripče to Bosanski Novi, and the lower part further downstream to the mouth.
In the middle part some cyprinids and shoots can be found, and the lower part only cyprinids.
Due to specific water temperatures, amount of oxygen available, the drop and the flow rate, the river Una is a typical trout river. Quite a few grayling make their way down from Martin Brod to Ripče where maple appears.
A great place for artificial fly fishing due to its accessibility is from Martin Brod to Ripče – a real Lipjan area.
Una trout does not reach a special size, with a weight around 1.5 kg, larger specimens are rare. Grayling can reach up to a kilogram in weight.

Sport anglers will find the area between Martin Brod to Kulen Vakuf most attractive. The area for juveniles and prized trophy fish starts in the lower half of the middle course, from Kostelski slap below Bihać to Bosanska Krupa. This is the Una’s main area for activity. The best terrains are located around the area Cazin-Srbljani-Ostrožac-Grmuša-Bosanska Krupa.

Pike appears in the area of Bihać. Large pike, and some perch, can be found under the Klokut estuary near the village of Kralje, and under the waterfalls in deep silences of the area called Pokoj. Pike can actually be found to the confluence of the Una and the Sava. Lower areas hold a lot of chub, podusta, roach, and barbel. Catfish can be found about ten kilometers below Bosanska Krupa, and the best area is around the mouth of the Sana in Una (near Bosanski Novi).


Fishing districts have been organized in certain parths of mentioned watercourses, as follows:

  • 3 fly fishing districts on the Una and Unac rivers;
  • 4 fishing grounds by the lure method (so called blinker and butterfly) and the water ball method with max. 3 dry artificial flies on the river Una

Fishing districts established in the Una National Park

Many fishermen from the region and the whole of Europe are familiar with the previous fly fishing districts Unac and Una, and the new organization of fishing has created conditions for further popularization of this sport on these two rivers.
We especially highlight 3 fly fishing districts that are unique fishing districts in the region for fly fishing enthusiasts:

  • District No.1 „Martin Brod“ with a length of 7,5 kilometers
  • District No.1B „Kulen Vakuf“ 1,5 kilometers long
  • District No.3 „Bjelila-Loskun“ with a length of 4 kilometers

Two districts have been established for fishing enthusiasts by the method of lure with artificial bait (blinker and butterfly) and fishing with a water ball max. 3 dry flies as follows:

  • Fishing district No.2 „Ćelije – Klisa“ with a length of 14,5 kilometers
  • Fishing district No.4 „Dvoslap“ 5,5 kilometers long,
  • Fishing district No.1A „Gečet“ with a length of 3 kilometers
  • Fishing district No.5 „Očigrije“ with a length of 1,7 kilometers

The following species are most present in these districts:

  • brook trout/ Salmo trutta / caught in the period 01.03. – 30.09.
  • grayling/ Thymallus thymallus / which is caught in 01.05. – 30.09.

    More information about fishing on the river Una can be found here.


Rising impressively from below a steep cliff with an average water volume of about 200 cubic meters per second. You wonder where exactly this huge amount of water comes from. Divers explored its depths and reported that the source of Krušnica is about 112 meters deep. Interestingly, there is room for further research of the source, but due to technical limitations, the expeditions have remained at this depth for now. So, it is one of the deepest sources in Bosnia and Herzegovina and certainly one of the deepest in Europe.

The Krušnica river is a tributary of the Una in Northwestern Bosnia. It winds for about 6 km towards the village Bosanska Krupa, where it then flows into the Una. The whole area is rich in flora and fauna, with the presence of many fish and various species of crabs. A real scene with its turquoise color and sound that arouses the awe of those who stand in its presence.

Grayling is the main species, but there is also a good population of brown trout, and less often California trout. Trout come here quite rarely, but they can still reach good sizes.

Water characteristics
The upper part of the river is like a fly. With a width of about 10 m and an average depth of 2 m, you can find beautiful slow ridges with some larger boulders.

Tips for trout/grayling fly fishing equipment
Flyrod 9 and 10 ft, classes # 5 do # 6, roll and line accordingly. DT or WF-F rope for nymphs and dry fly fishing. Tippets as long and thin as possibe (not less than 0.12 mm). Only barbed hooks are allowed here, keep this in mind when choosing flies. All stages of lichens, tadpoles and stone flies (or their nymphs) promise good success.

Excerpt from fishery regulations 
Just catch and release!
Every fish caught is easily released!
Only hooks without bars!

Fishing licenses

Daily or tri-daily fishing licenses can be arranged with the association of sport fishermen USR “Krušnica”.

There are multiple licenses, depending on the type of fish you wish to catch:
10 KM for “white” types of fish such as freshwater fish, cactus roach, barbel, etc.
20 KM for other types of fish, of which are one salmonids.
150 KM for 3 days (2 nights)


More information about USR Krušnica can be found here.

Contact our team if you wish to arrange a license. 

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