A sustainable project

Our approach to finding balance, well-being, and community.

Creating a sustainable future

We strive to live a life of balance, to take care of ourselves and our environment in whichever way we can, and to give back to our local community.

Finding balance

From the beginning, the family Huzejrović has strived to create a space within nature that makes people feel relaxed and calm – a space that allows people to connect to nature, and find stillness. That is why the location is 4 kilometers away from the center of Bosanska Krupa, tucked away within nature, and why there is a Wellness and Spa Center with various treatments, a gym, an indoor pool and a tennis court. It is all about the balance of Self – through their body, mind, and soul.

In partnership with nature

For every experience we are able to provide for our guests, we are aware that we must take up space and take resources from nature. That is why we strive to find a life in balance with our environment, as best as we can.

The majority of culinary ingredients we use are either home-grown or locally sourced, or come from nature itself. Our greenhouse has a wide variety of leafy greens and vegetables that we use in many of our dishes. Our vineyard is used multi-purposefully for growing grapes and also for growing root vegetables. The orchard boasts rows of different fruit types such as plums, pears, apples and cherries. Within our immediate surroundings, different types of plants and fungi can be found, such as elderflowers, berries and edible mushrooms.

In partnership with community

Sharing the beauty of nature is a blessing, and we are happy to be in a position where we can share our beautiful surroundings with our surrounding communities. Taking care of our environment is important for us and our future generations, and what better way to do this than together with them. Several gardening and permaculture activities have been created to educate our young ones on how nature takes care of us and how we can return the favor.

Zlatna Nit has created a project where kids, whether they are visiting with their family or from local schools, can actively participate in several gardening activities for an hour or longer. Education is easy when it is done in a fun location with fun activities in a fun manner.
Zlatna Nit osmislila je projekat u kojem djeca, bilo da su u posjeti sa svojom familijom ili iz lokalne škole, mogu aktivno sudjelovati u nekoliko vrtlarskih aktivnosti sat vremena ili duže. Edukacija je laka kada se izvodi na zabavnoj lokaciji sa zabavnim aktivnostima na zabavan način.

The following activities are provided:

How to plan a garden

Plant herbs, fruits and vegetables

Learn which herbs, fruits and vegetables to plant together

Plant care

Preparing the soil


Watering of plants

Harvesting the fruits of your labor

Animal care

And much more

Kids gain a lot of benefits, besides new skills, from participating in these activities. A blooming love for nature. A sense of understanding and responsibility. Discovery and reasoning. Cooperation with peers. Creativity. Self-confidence. Physical activity, and nutrition.

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