Experience the taste of Bosanska Krupa – its soil, its surroundings, its culture, its spirit.

Falcon Brewery was created in 2020 out of a passion for premium beer. A local brewery based in Bosanska Krupa that produces unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally carbonated beer according to the Rheinsgebot rule brewed with love, taking care of every detail. Innovation, creativity and quality without compromise.

Visit. Look. Taste. 

Falcon beer

Tour of the brewery

Experience a behind-the-scenes of the different stages, processes and equipment we use to make our fantastic beer. Sip a 300ml beer while you enjoy the story of beer, our ethos and learn how to make Falcon.

When you’re done, take advantage of our beer tasting offer – run by no one but the man who makes it himself. Learn more about our range, its differences and the way each is made in its own unique way, including the one we love and why. Find out which one is your favorite.

So, are you a beer enthusiast and want to see how things work? Are you simply curious about the process? Maybe you are on vacation with friends and you would like to make the most of Bosanska Krupa. Add on to your corporate experience by touring the brewery – you are welcome. 

attend a workshop

Maybe you’re a do-it-yourself type of person and want to make your own beer? Get involved in the process! Falcon Brewery offers workshops where you will not only learn about how to make craft beer and learn about its uniqueness, but you will also add your spirit to the beer itself.
Come back to taste the magic of your creation.

We are happy to organize workshops for groups of friends or family. Enrich your corporate event with an interesting workshop.

Whatever your purpose – visiting the brewery is an experience.

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