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Centered around well-being
Nurtured by nature

A remote resort within nature, where relaxation meets outdoor adventures

Welcome to the “Zlatna Nit” dream
A remote location, tucked away in nature, surrounded by forests and hugged by a tranquility that can truly be felt in person. A destination and safe haven where possibilities are created.

It all started with a desire to find a get-away within nature, away from the cacophony of the concrete jungle into a serene, verdant environment. Not only for one’s mental and emotional well-being but also phsysical. Zlatna Nit was created as an escape for nature lovers who seek fresh air, and to come back to themselves – body, mind, and soul.

Family Huzejrović was inspired to create an idyllic retreat in a picturesque setting where nature lovers can enjoy a holiday within nature where comfortable accommodation, exceptional service, outstanding cuisine with home-grown ingredients from a greenhouse, vineyard and orchard, modern Wellness and Spa facilities and various outdoor activities are the order of the day.
As owner custodians of this little piece of paradise, their passionate vision has transformed this magnificent property into a sanctuary for friends, family and guests from around the world.

They aim to continually provide their guests with an unique nature holiday experience at a reasonable price so that all people, from all walks of life, can enjoy a holiday within nature. There is something that can be found for everyone. Whether your goal is to relax and unwind with tranquil surroundings, comfort, and good food, or to go on an adventure and seek a thrill with the plethora of outdoor activities, it is all made possible here.

Zlatna Nit is a destination, with endless possibilities to create the holiday within nature of your dreams with touches of personalization to make all guests’ wishes and desires come to life.

You are thus invited to immerse yourself in the soul nourishing tranquillity cultivated at Zlatna Nit.

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