Imagine that one morning, bathed with the rays of the sun while drinking your first coffee and having breakfast… listening to the birds singing and quietness of the nature around you. Imagine how calm you can feel!

Imagine fresh air in the forest on morning walks, while your soul searches for its purpose and joy. Imagine your perfect vacation! Zlatna Nit Resort can make your wish come true. We can try!

Here,  the sky shows unlimited strength and existence, while spreading its colors above us and making us admire it. Nature here just let you be you…
Hiking, running, rafting and quads offer you the best active holiday you can ever have. If you are more for the quiet sunbathing on your balcony and enjoying the wellness experience, we are the best place for you.

Here you don’t need to choose. Just listen to yourself and enjoy. Embrace your desires.

Book your stay and find your inner vacation person! And enjoy! Life is all about finding joy! We have a dozen of them here.