Amira Medunjanin is a famous Bosnian singer who wins the hearts of the audience with her voice and beautiful sevdalinkas. Her musical journey began with the aim of bringing the cultural and historical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina closer to the world, because during her diplomatic work she encountered numerous prejudices about her country. Some of the most famous hits of this esteemed artist are “I’m stealing from you in the evening”, “Ah, what will we hide from love”, “Omer runs away”, “I’m rich, I have everything”, “The wind shakes the rose”, “Damar” and many others . It should be emphasized that Amira Medunjanin, along with Božo Vreća, is one of the most influential and esteemed performers of this type of music, and she does not hesitate to combine traditional and modern in order to reach her listeners.

In 2005, Amira Medunjanin recorded her first solo album “Rosa”. Even before the release of that album, her career took an upward trajectory, but after that she became famous in Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, where she collaborated with many foreign names.

After the album “Rosa”, there were many more successful studio albums, including: “Zumra”, “Amulette”, “Silk & Stone”, “Damar” and “Ascending”, which was released on the occasion of 15 years of her artistic career. It was released on July 27, 2018 by Croatia Records, just before the big concert in the Pula Arena. The producer and arranger of the album is Ante Gelo, and the songs were recorded in the music studio “Ora” in Trondheim, Norway, in collaboration with the Trondheim Orchestra, while the song “You will disappear from my life” was recorded in Abbey Road studio in London, in collaboration with Bojana Zulfikarpasic.

Amira Medunjanin remained consistent with her beautiful expression and her modesty. He sees the audience as a second family, ie friends to whom he tells about his life. With each performance, she perfectly conveys emotions, so it’s no wonder that some in the audience know how to cry during her concerts.