Summer is almost upon us and we are traveling to Bosnia. It is a country on its way of discovery by many tourists. For good reason too – nature can be found in an untouched and pristine form: its nature. Forests, mountains, rolling hills, canyons, rivers and lakes, waterfalls and incredible cascades, and plenty of other scenic landscapes can be found all over. Choose what you enjoy most and Bosnia will deliver and most certainly not disappoint.

There is so much to see and so much to do in every region of the country. Each region has its own peculiarities and characteristics which make them unique. The Una-Sana Canton is considered the wildest but also cleanest part of Bosnia. The river Una, compared to all the other rivers found in Bosnia, is one of the cleanest considering the activities that take place on her waters. The river Krušnica has drinkable water. Herzegovina has a Mediterranean beauty, which is not strange because of its excellent geographical location, plenty of vineyards and wineries are from that region. East of the country is when gentle landscapes take a turn for something more rugged. Incredible mountains surround Sarajevo such as Treskavica, Bjelašnica, and Jahorina, with white peaks all year round.

How you envision your summer holiday entirely depends on you, and which region within Bosnia will be able to meet your wishes, needs and requirements. Choosing the right region will be easy when you know what natural surroundings you want to visit and which activities you want to experience.

Experiencing the Una-Sana Canton is for people who would like to experience forests and the vast number of waterfalls and cascades in the whole entire country. People flock to the Una-Sana Canton to witness the majesty of the river Una. Her fierceness and gentleness, the abundance of water activities such as rafting, kayaking, fishing, and swimming, the Una National Park with a diverse flora and fauna, and an abundance of waterfalls and cascades that bring about stunning sights.

Summer is all about fun in the water and, like we said, there is plenty of that to be found in the Una-Sana region. Rafting is considered the number one outdoor activity within Bosnia and Herzegovina. Second place is fishing. Both activities can be done on the river Una and fishing can also be done on the river Krušnica. Rafting stages can start all the way down from Martin Brod, all the way to Bosanska Krupa. A multi-day rafting experience can be organized where you can stop at certain check points for a night’s sleep next to the flowing water.
Fishing is an activity that depends entirely on which fish can be found in which specific regions of the rivers. Not every river will have all the same species in one spot, which is why you would need to know what type of fish you would like to catch. Both the river Una and the river Krušnica have their own characteristics and feel. How and what you would like to fish will lead you to choose between the rivers.

Speaking of water fun, swimming is a big part of summer. Everyone seeks to find a dip in the water to cool down from the sweltering temperatures. The river Una, while not entirely safe to swim, has multiple private beach spots where you can swim. We advise everyone to take caution and to not swim too far away from the group and to not dive or jump off of any cascades. The river Una has claimed many lives over the years and it has not stopped. It does not mean we shouldn’t enjoy taking a dip at all. It simply means we need to take caution and be aware of the little ones.

Endless rolling hills covered by forests are ideal for those who wish to be active but do not wish to overexert themselves. The Mountaineering club “Grmeč” has created several marked hiking paths with a difficulty of easy to medium within the area of the Bosanka Krupa, Una-Sana Canton. Hiking trails take you across scenic landscapes with bucolic farms in idyllic settings, to the spring of river Krušnica, through forests, to stunning views overlooking the river Una in the canyon. This area isn’t a hiker’s dream, but it sure is something to behold. Especially when you want to relax and be a little bit of active – an ideal combination.

Would you like to visit the Una-Sana Canton and experience the pleasure of the river Una in all its emerald glory portrayed with her impressive waterfalls, her plenty of cascades and her relaxing hues of emerald, but also want to incorporate a bit of fun and adventure? Plan your next holiday to the Una-Sana Canton and book a room tucked away within nature. Zlatna Nit has experience in combining holidays that offer a mix of both relaxation and adventure. Speak to our team to see how we can realize your holiday vision and make it a vacation to remember.