While tying the knot is a wonderful experience, the best part after that is the honeymoon. Some will take the time to plan their honeymoon in advance and others do it after their wedding. Finding the perfect destination that both you and your loved one will enjoy can be rather exhausting. We have created a Honeymoon Package to ensure that, after your wedding, you will be able to enjoy staying at Zlatna Nit a little bit longer. After all, the journey of love has only just begun.

Day 1
Festivities of your wedding are still underway – people are dancing, singing and eating to their heart’s content. Celebrations slowly come to an end and guests leave the property one at a time. You are shown to a room, beautifully decorated room with flowers and petals. Candles are lit and a bottle of wine and some treats are placed on the table for you.

Take off the remnants of the day and get ready for a deep sleep, blanketed by the sounds of the tranquil night.

Day 2
Welcoming the first morning as husband and wife, a leisurely time in bed with breakfast brought to your room is ideal. Taking things slow and coming back to yourself is on the agenda for the day. This means that every single activity will be focused on relaxing, unwinding and enjoying your time slowly. Relaxing begins in the wellness and spa center where you move from the jacuzzi, to the bio sauna, to the Finnish sauna, to the salt room therapy. After a night of celebrations, your muscles could feel a bit stiff. Relax yourself with a body scrub and a 30 minute deep tissue massage.

Choose a spot where you would like to enjoy a picnic with your loved one. Spaces within the orchard or take a walk further down the gravel road where you can find open spaces of land. Place a blanket down at the spot of your choice and arrange all the contents of the picnic basket on the blanket: plates, cutlery, glasses, a bottle of water and white wine, fruit, mezza board with a variety of cheeses, dried meats, crackers and dips, and much more.
Chat away about your wedding celebration and any future plans while you leisurely eat and drink. Sounds of the day welcome you with bird song, insects making their own tunes, and the wind blowing through the trees.

Explore your surroundings with just the two of you on a quad. Go for a hike through forests and scenic landscapes. Discover views that take your breath away. Plunge into the river Una and enjoy the privacy of your own beach along her banks in the canyon. Cruise gently on the river Krušnica on a wooden boat. Drive with your partner to explore some sights in the area such as Ostrozac castle, momument to the revolution Korčanica, and other sights within and around Bihać.

Wind down with some wine and a delicious meal, prepared in our kitchen with the finest homegrown and locally sourced ingredients. Nights at Zlatna Nit are calming and relaxing due to the tranquil surroundings of nature, forests and bucolic farms. Let your waiter know that tomorrow you will be taking your picnic basket with you after lunch for an adventure.

Day 3
Enjoy the morning rays on our terrace with your choice of a sweet or savory breakfast. The day will be an easy one, but still packed with activities and sights unexplored from the previous day. Pack your belongings in the car, with the picnic basket, and set out on a drive through the canyon to Bihac. Explore the center of the city and what it has to offer. Drive your way to interesting places near the Una National Park such as the eco village Natura Art, Štrbački Buk in the Una National Park, and find yourself a spot to enjoy your picnic. Speak about all the wonderful sights you have seen in the Una National Park, the diverse flora and fauna, and also the majesty of the area.

The choice to enjoy a dinner elsewhere or at Zlatna Nit is entirely up to you. Our staff will value that you enrich your experience in this area as much as possible.

Drive to your haven of serenity after a full day in town, and notice how peaceful you feel. Sleep deeply knowing that your day full of activities was successful.

Day 4
Wake up leisurely, knowing that this is the last moment you will be able to enjoy silence. Relax in the wellness and spa center before breakfast to drink in as much of the calming energy Zlatna Nit offers.
Nourish your body after a busy few days with a hearty breakfast on the terrace of our restaurant or on the balcony of your room.

We hope to welcome you in our haven of tranquility and relaxation within nature, at Zlatna Nit.