Summer is finally here and we are looking forward to stepping outdoors. Especially for a weekend away where relaxation meets adventure in abundance. We would like to share with you our way of combining the two in one weekend. Possible? Most definitely.

Start your weekend at Zlatna Nit with a welcoming drink. Drop off your bags in your room and immediately explore your immediate surroundings with a leisurely walk. Gravel roads wind along hillsides leading to scenic landscapes and an idyllic setting with bucolic farms and forests.
Enjoy a relaxing time in the wellness and spa center with a bio sauna, Finnish sauna and salt room therapy to relax the body for two days of adventure.
Relish the taste of a selection of diverse culinary meals prepared by our chefs. Sip and savor a fine red, recommended by your waiter to compliment the meal you chose. Allow the night with its tranquility to relax you even further. Sleep soundly in the comforts of a cozy bed and the sounds of nature surrounding you.

Day 2
After a hearty breakfast, examine the hiking map of Bosanska Krupa and find which hike suits you best. Grab your hiking bag with snacks and a water bottle, your hiking shoes, hiking map, and set out on an adventure. Walk the road from Zlatna Nit to Bosanska Krupa towards the fortress, up the hill towards the cultural center and down the hill. Follow the marks of red with a white in the middle to ensure you are on the correct path. The street of houses gives way to a scenic landscape with the river Krušnica on your constant left. Walking a gravel road with forest covered hills on either side lead you to the spring of the river Krušnica. A breathtaking sight that leaves nothing but awe and admiration in your mind and heart. The rush of water from the mouth of the cave, the sound of power and abundance, a color that invites relaxation to the eyes and a fresh smell, heightened by forest surroundings.
Walk your way up the steep hill, slowly zig-zagging to ensure a steady pace. Walk out of the forest to greet views of green landscapes. Rolling hills gently undulate, making your hike an easy one. Feast on wild cherries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries, if you know how to spot them, and given it is the right season.
Mindfully cross the road that leads to Bosanska Krupa onto the Krušnica trail. A gentle walk up through the forest will even out. A comfortable silence that can only be found in forests accompanies you on your trip. Trees so tall allow for a stunning display of the forest and a shade that protects you from the heat of day. The forest, with its gentle curves, provides a beautiful display of nature with moss covered rocks and boulders within a cascade or dip in landscape.
Gently make your way down a zig-zag path, minding your step along the way due to rocks. The path finally leads down to the resting and picnic spot Šujnovac, only 2 km away from Zlatna Nit. Take a moment to rest on the grass nearby a small cascading waterfall of fresh water coming from a spring or underneath the wooden pergola. Fill your water bottle with the fresh spring water and set out on the last 2 km stretch back to relaxation.

Freshen up in your room and make your way out to enjoy a lunch in the restaurant. Enjoy a meal on our terrace with the sun on your face and the sounds of the day surrounding you. Take the quad to explore the surroundings around the mountain Grmeč, zipping past farms, onto gravel paths leading up hills to views of showing the vast surrounding of the Una-Sana Canton.

Dinner is served wherever you choose to. Decide to stay within the tranquility of the natural surroundings at Zlatna Nit or drive along the river Una just outside of Bosanska Krupa to a restaurants that offer hospitality and a dining experience that is enriched by the close proximity of the river Una. Regardless, a fine choice.

Day 3
The day promises another full day planned with adventures: those on the water. Breakfast is served with meals that fuel you for the day, which will be needed, considering the day that has been planned out. Drive towards Bihac to the resting spot just before the bridge that crosses over the river. A sign of Bihac will give an indication that it is the right spot to park. Fit into the appropriate gear for a kayaking excursion. Begin your kayak experience with a rush flowing down cascades of water only to be met with gentle parts. Take the time to take in your surroundings of the river, the forest and the entire canyon. Stop a few times at different resting spots to transform them into your own private beach for the next few minutes. Enjoy a dip in the cool water before continuing your trip down the river Una to Bosanska Krupa.

Cross under the steel and wooden bridges of Bosanska Krupa, paddling towards Zeleni Otoci where a well-deserved cool drink waits. Gathering all your supplies after a few moments of rest, the last stretch of the kayaking trip awaits. A much bigger cascade challenges you to overcome your fears, pushing a bit of adrenaline through your veins. The rest of the trip is leisurely paddling to the end destination.

Lunch is served at a special place. A fishery with the best grilled fish is tucked away just outside the center of Bosanska Krupa called Svetinja. Nestled between hills, providing shade and a cool temperature, the fishery is made out of natural materials found from the area. Settle down underneath one of the wooden pergolas and watch your fish being prepared right in front of you, from the catch to the cleaning to the grilling and smoking. You might want to order your fish ahead of time so the wait is not too long. However, the experience of watching the whole process is satisfying.

Arrive at Zlatna Nit for a relaxing moment in the wellness and spa center. Start with a bio sauna, then move to the Finnish sauna, and then a salt room therapy. During each and every session, feel yourself relax even further. End your wellness experience with a relaxing 30 minute massage, loosening any tension within the muscles from the long hours of kayaking.

Choose to have dinner in the restaurant, outside on the terrace or to take something light to your room. Whatever dinner experience will suit your needs and your mood. Choose a relaxing night in with a mezze platter, some freshly baked bread pieces, a bottle of wine, and a movie.

Two full days of a perfect combination of relaxation and adventure has you waking up satisfied of your weekend at Zlatna Nit. Wake up slowly and leisurely, thinking back to all the fun times of the past two days, wishing the journey didn’t end just yet. Remember that a e-bicycle ride is still in the cards. Get ready for a leisurely bike ride to complete the weekend of outdoor activities. Take a ride after breakfast and explore the surrounding areas. Make your way through the canyon and watch the flow of the river Una from many different angles and viewpoints. Feast your eyes on the beauty of the canyon and make your way back to Zlatna Nit to complete your journey.

Are you interested in reliving this experience at Zlatna Nit this summer? Contact our team and book the Adventure Abound Package.