Times are changing in the way our society works. Because of the pandemic, many people have discovered that working remotely is a possibility. Things have started to calm down and many people are returning their physical locations, some have chosen to work remotely, while others favor a hybrid.
What we do know is that nothing beats human interaction. We need to socialize, and we need to be around people from time to time. We know how important it is that we build relationships with people, to bond with people, and to create a sense of community. While working remotely is ideal for many reasons, this is where we find it lacking.

Team work is of course possible from a distance. Just as long as people are communicating then there will be no issue. Despite an excellent communication, sitting around the table and brainstorming an idea right then and there, or having a conversation in person about strategies or how something within a campaign needs to change, or how to tackle a problem, is much better when you are physically with someone.

Company culture, communication and relationships are best built when people are together. Face-to-face interactions create a foundation for good team work. Which is why having corporate retreats are ideal. Not just ideal, but vital to keep the team strong, motivated, and interested.
Sometimes, such corporate retreats and activities such as team building can be quite boring. In order to keep people motivated and fired up, we would like to show you how you can create a fun corporate event at Zlatna Nit.

Well planned retreats create opportunity for people to forge real relationships and stronger bonds. Spending both structured and unstructured time as a group enables trust building, open communication and working on specific business topics that require multiple heads.

We like to include planned recreational activities and allow for plenty of unscheduled time. Planned structured time will set the stage for successful use of free time.

It all starts with team building
Ideally, a well thought out team building program or icebreaker will do the trick to establish the energy for the duration of the retreat.

Followed by unstructured time
People will most definitely want to unwind in a social setting. We often see people moving into a bar or restaurant area to continue conversation or simply celebrate what they have accomplished together. Our restaurant is a place where multiple people can gather at long tables. Ideal for discussions, conversations and healthy co-worker banter. Next to the outdoor sport court in front of the indoor pool is an outside seating area with benches. After activities are done, people can also choose to relax outside, while enjoying a bit of sun.

Value in fun
When people are genuinely engaged, talking informally, and laughing, then you know that you have created a setting where people have fun. Retreats are more than just half-day events, and so it is important for people to have fun during their experiences. Besides team building, live music and even other forms of entertainment such as a friendly soccer match or even a good comedian should be integrated into the agenda.

The number one goal of the retreat is to have fun. Having fun will lead to relationship building which will lead to better communication and trust. Teams who communicate well and have trust perform on high levels. A genuine experience where people have fun help to reach goals such as building performance and company culture.
A team that has built trust and knows how to communicate creates efficiency, innovation and a better company culture. When co-workers are more willing to ask questions, to share best practices and share new ideas, great things happen. Less time is wasted and problem solving becomes much better. Teams will experience less conflicts since people feel comfortable with each other to share their feelings and thoughts, so they will become better at resolving daily or weekly inter-personal conflict that is a natural part of every group.

Include work topics
While having fun at a corporate retreat/event is important, it is only half of the purpose. It is highly beneficial to add actual work in the agenda so that a natural tension between work time and play time is created. People will feel the need to blow off steam and to decompress. A bit of seriousness will create a natural desire for fun sessions.

Location, location, location
While not every location is perfect, you will need a place that will fulfill your basic requirements. Of course, people will need to feel comfortable – a place they will be excited about as a destination. It all depends on what suits your company best. Zlatna Nit offers a remote location within nature. Your team will not even feel as if they are on a corporate retreat. The space with its natural surroundings invites a sense of tranquility and relaxation. With a capacity of 61 people, Zlatna Nit is able to create small-scale, intimate corporate retreats/events.
You would want to make sure your team is entertained, which is why there is an outdoor sports court for tennis and soccer, a swimming pool, two quads, and a wellness and spa center with various saunas, salt room therapy, a massage room, jacuzzi, and a gym.

What is on the agenda?
Create an agenda where all the fun activities available at Zlatna Nit mix seamlessly with agenda time where your team spends on internal work. Other structured event activities are better left for professional facilitators who specialize in fun corporate and team building retreats. They will have personality, a high level of skill and the ability to understand your culture. We do not recommend DIY-ing this part since your agenda is a vital part of the whole retreat. It is therefore important to understand who you are and what you are after.

The ending
How do you imagine the last moments of your time together at the corporate retreat? Perhaps you see people have made friends within the team, some who are tired from being busy but motivated and excited about the future at your company. Build your program with the ending in mind because your whole agenda and the program with activities you choose will connect to the outcome you envision.

What to place within the program:
Sporting events: this might be quite intimidating because sports bring out the competitive side of people. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. A little bit of friendly competition will inspire team work. Zlatna Nit has an outdoor sports court where activities such as tennis and soccer are possible. In May 2022, we organized a three-day soccer tournament where companies from all over the Balkans and some from Europe, who are in partnership and work together in the industrial business, got together to show the strength of their company. The purpose was to get to know each other better to inspire better communication and trust amongst one another. To strengthen the current bond for a fruitful partnership.
Writing a song together: this may seem like a weird one, but as Bosnians we all love songs and to sing. Which is why this is such a wonderful idea. Create a song together that will inspire them or touch the hearts of your team. Music has always brought people together, and we can say with certainty that this particular activity will make your team bond over something they created that they have put their hearts and souls into. It is all about collaborating, creating, and even performing together.
Bringing in an entertainer: this is also a wonderful way to help out local talents or you can bring someone in from anywhere. Whether it be music or anything other type of performance is great.
Story slams: have your team gather around to share stories. A wonderful way to get to know co-workers. Make sure to choose topics ahead of time.

With some proper planning, corporate retreats will be fun and add major value to your company. It is definitely worth the investment. If you want to create a unique corporate meeting or event, then our team at Zlatna Nit will work together with you to plan out your event in such a way that you will reach your imagined end vision.