Every single town you may visit on this planet will hold a different feel, mood, and vibe. You might be comfortable and relaxed in one, and in another excited and full of energy, and other ones may bring you anxiety. All in all, the way you feel could be either positive or negative. The way you feel visiting a town or city depends on several factors. From the architecture to the use of colors, how busy a place is, how friendly and hospitable the people are, what entertainment is offered, its natural surroundings, and so much more. Of course, a vibe is created by people. So, what kind of energy does Bosanska Krupa have? You would be surprised to discover that small places can hold big energy, as well.

We like to think Bosanska Krupa and its citizens as passionate and laid-back. Being surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings such as the forest covered hills, mountains, close proximity of the canyon, two stunning rivers such as the river Una and river Krušnica… All of this invites relaxation, slowing down, and to enjoy life in a simple manner.

We mentioned that people and certain spots create a vibe. There are a few spots in Bosanska Krupa that are worth visiting. Whatever your purpose to Bosanska Krupa, these spots are ideal for everyone and considered the best spots.

River Una
The first honorable mention is the river Una, of course. The diamond of this region with her emerald colors. No matter where you go along the river, you are definitely going to enjoy the view. Choices are endless, you can sit on a bench near the water, in a small café or restaurant. Multiple places to enjoy a bite to eat and something to drink are beautifully positioned for visitors to enjoy the sound and emerald color of the river Una.

Looking for privacy? Take a walk along the banks of the river and discover a few spots that are more isolated. A few locations have been turned into swimming spots. Would you like to know which ones? Definitely ask our staff to show you which ones. In the center of Bosanska Krupa is a place called Male Ade, they are a collection of islands connected by wooden bridges. Not only wonderful for strolls and walks, but most definitely for a swim, as well. There are a few islands like the first one, which is the main island, and the second and the last one are ideal if you have smaller kids. The water is shallow in those areas, particularly the main island. Our recommendation for parents with smaller kids is definitely to stay on the main island.

Drive down the road towards Bosanska Otoka and discover multiple spots to relax. From restaurants to small cafes, all in a different style, but all promising a stunning view of the river Una. If you want to stay close to the water at all times, there are multiple camps such as Una Kamp and Kamp and beach location Brioni. Ada Mlinčići is a place in Bosanka Otoka, perfect for backpackers and also people who are looking for some fun in the sun and water. An ideal spot to take your family and friends for a swim. If you are driving towards Bihac and want to experience rafting, then the rafting camp called Una Safari is the perfect choice.

Zeleni Otoci
Connected to the river Una and Male Ade is a beach bar that offers an energetic vibe to young and old is the beach bar Zelene Otoci. Starting as an idea by two young men (Dino Bešlagić and Dino Zjakić) who wanted to raise the spirits of citizens within Bosanska Krupa by offering a space of relaxation, entertainment and enjoyment. They realized early on the potencial Bosanska Krupa has to offer when it comes to nature and related activities, and had a desire to place Bosanska Krupa on the touristic map within the Una-Sana Canton, but also Bosnia and Hercegovina. Ever since their first season in 2016, they took flight in the summer of 2017 and have been gradually growing. Hard work, dedication and with ambition, they have been expanding their physical presence but also places within the hearts of many people.

You can expect a relaxing atmosphere during the day with people enjoying the coolness of the water during hot summer days, tanning and enjoying a bit of music. Really, take a drink and sit back while you enjoy the sun, it is definitely worth it. For those seeking activity, rafting or kayaking is definitely a recommendation. Choose to share a kayak with your loved one, parent, or best friend, or get your group of friends or family in one rafting boat and cruise down the river Una. There are multiple trips to choose from with different durations. You will stop a few times along the way to relax, have a swim, and maybe even a barbeque. Document your experience by hiring a GoPro so you can look back at the experience you have had with your loved ones.
Adventures on the road are also to be had, ask the guys at Zeleni Otoci to suggest the best cycling or hiking trails. Ask for a guided tour to get to know the area a little bit better through stories and historical facts.

Music is a constant at Zeleni Otoci, but weekends in particular are reserved for live-music. Friday nights or Saturday nights, at least once every weekend, the space fills with people from Bosanska Krupa and from other cities to enjoy a night of melancholy. Music floats through the island, enriched by the sounds of the river Una. Songs from the past are sung by young and old, filling the space with their voices. If you are looking forward to a night of singing, dancing and enjoyment, then definitely make your way to Zeleni Otoci, Bosanska Krupa. It is an experience no one ever regrets.

Caffe bar Gold
Walk passed the hill that holds the remains of a fortress into the street of Stari Grad with one Catholic and a Orthodox on either side. Towards the end of the street on your left is one of the oldest café bars in Bosanska Krupa called Gold.

Every single café bar in town has their own vibe and attracts different types of people. Gold attracts those that have been coming there since they were a young man or woman, probably still in their teens, and most definitely before the Bosnian war. Gold attracts alternative people who are more interested in rock and alternative style music, which is the type of music that was popular in the 80s and 90s.
Many people relive those old days by visiting Gold. A piece of the past — of gatherings with friends, socializing and enjoying music from their favorite bands. Gold holds a special place in everyone’s hearts and that vibe comes out during the winter months.

River Krušnica and its spring
Something that Bosanska Krupa can most definitely be proud of is the river Krušnica and its spring. Tucked away in one of the corners of Bosanska Krupa, a display of nature’s magic and power greets you. It truly is a sight to behold: the amount of water that gets pushed up from the mouth of the cave, coming from below the mountain Grmeč, inspires awe and admiration. The river Krušnica is different from the river Una in many ways; flora and fauna, its size, and color. It isn’t as big of a tourist attraction as the river Una due to a lack of activities, but people can still go for a leisurely walk, enjoy a quad ride, go fishing, a boat ride, and even a hike that leads you through scenic landscapes and forest.

Sit down along the banks of the river Krušnica and enjoy the sound of nature. There are many spots perfect for a picnic. Take a walk or hike from Zlatna Nit if you would like a more active trip or you can choose to drive and easily take all the essentials with you for a picnic with your loved one, family or friends. The surrounding forests offer a buffer from the wind and also offers plenty of shade. Due to the low temperature of the water, a coolness will be forever present even during hot summer days.

On your next visit to Bosanska Krupa, visit all of these spots and let us know which one is your favorite and why.