Believe it or not, but the Una-Sana Canton has many interesting activities waiting for you to discover. Experience a trip that is going to be most satisfying, without feeling the constant hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. There are many ways to find a relaxing vacation in the Una-Sana Canton, specifically around Bosanska Krupa, in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Allow us to show you a three day, two night trip that will enrich your soul. So much so, that you will ask us to extend your stay for another night at Zlatna Nit!

Day 1 – Arrival
Be warmly welcomed to Zlatna Nit. An easy and smooth check-in will set the tone for your trip, especially when you see the comforts of your room. A stunning wooden décor that is exquisitely made by local craftsmen. Art decorates the walls, also done by local artists. Take a peek through the window and be welcomed by green, a color that invites you to relax.

Once you have settled into your room and taken in the beautiful surroundings of Zlatna Nit, you can choose to explore the outdoors. Are you looking to go for a walk? Take a quad ride around and see what there is to explore. Enjoy a relaxing time in our wellness and spa with our various saunas and salt room therapy.
Once relaxation has settled in, make your way down to the restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal from our kitchen. Vegetables that are used in plenty of our dishes come from our own greenhouse. The orchard and vineyard supply us with fruit, which we use in many of our cakes, jams, alcoholic beverages, other home-made products.

Choose a dish from our culturally diverse menu, which includes many dishes that are favored by many individuals, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of our natural surroundings. While your meal is being prepared, watch the colors of the night sky change in various colors of yellow, orange, pink, purple and blue. Enjoy your meal under the ceiling of stars. Ask the waiter to bring you a blanket to chase away the cold.

Make your way to your room, have a lovely shower, wear something comfortable, and watch a movie on one of the channels on the TV. Maybe you want to relax and read a book. Feel the tranquility of your surroundings and the sounds of the night gently lulling you to sleep. Tomorrow is a day of adventures.

Day 2 – Activities galore!
Mornings at Zlatna Nit start with a chorus of bird song. Just that, nothing else. Wake up feeling refreshed by a restful night. It is time to get ready for breakfast. Fuel your body with a wide selection of breakfast options from something cold to warm. The choice is ultimately yours.

Once you are done with this fueling breakfast, it is time to use this newfound energy for a day full of activities. The options are limitless, and we can help you plan your day depending on your preferences.
From relaxing to historical and cultural to outdoor activities. We can help you line up several activities that will make your trip to Zlatna Nit, Bosanska Krupa, and the entire Una-Sana Canton, worthwhile.

Start your day with a hike up to a view that mesmerizes many: the Gradina view. A stunning view overlooking the Una river, just above the canyon. Watch how the river Una gently flows her way from Bihac to Bosanska Krupa and beyond. Sit on the edge of the cliff, and allow yourself to simply relax. Forget about all your worries for a long moment. Make your way down to Zlatna Nit where you refresh for a lovely lunch in one of our favorite places: fishery Svetinja. A mere 10 minute drive away from us allows you to taste the best fish this area has to offer. Fishery Svetinja is quite popular due to its location, tucked away in a corner, surrounded by forest, with a spring flowing through. Small wooden pergolas have been expertly made to blend in with the natural surroundings. The water flows through several pools with several sizes of fish. Watch how it is caught and magnificently prepared by two gentlemen who do this for fun. All you need to do before your arrival is stop at a supermarket along the way to buy bread, salad, drinks, and anything else, they will deliver the fish. Prepared over hot coals, covered in a bit of oil, garlic and parsley mix, the fish tastes as fresh as its surroundings. A wonderful experience we recommend.

Once you have eaten to your heart’s content, drive back to Zlatna Nit to enjoy a relaxing quad ride amongst the scenic landscapes. With the river Krušnica at such a close proximity, drive leisurely to the spring where your all your senses will feast upon the majesty this area has to offer.
Once you have taken your fill of the sight, sound, and smell of the spring, drive back to Zlatna Nit. You might still be full from the fish, but there can always be space for some dessert. Our chefs always have a variety of home made desserts ready for you to enjoy: from baklava, honey cakes, our famous apple pie, and much more… Just ask the waiter what the dessert of the day is.

While nights at Zlatna Nit are calming, you can always enjoy your evenings elsewhere. Places with a little bit more buzz. The perfect place in Bosanska Krupa is Zeleni Otoci, also known as the green islands. A beach bar by day and a space where friends and family can gather to enjoy music and unwind with a drink. During weekends, particularly on a Friday and Saturday night, the place comes alive. Many people, from all generations, come to Zeleni Otoci to play games such as table tennis or soccer, to watch something happening on the big screen such as a soccer game or to play mario kart, or to simply sit and chat with friends, and enjoy a drink or two. Weekends are also reserved for live-music. Local musicians set a melancholic tone for the evening where songs of the past are sung. This is where the spirit of every Bosnian comes out.

After a fun night of music and laughter at Zeleni Otoci, come back to Zlatna Nit to sleep in peaceful surroundings.

Day 3 – Departure
Slow mornings in a tranquil surrounding. After another filling breakfast, make your way to the wellness and spa center. Sink deeper into a state of relaxation with the calming surroundings of our wellness and spa center. Start off your experience with an hour long in our saunas and salt room therapy. Feel your lungs and pores open, ready for detoxification, to release the last remaining toxins from your body. Relax further with a massage that will loosen up any tension, completing your desire to completely relax and unwind and relieve yourself from stress of your daily life.

Departing from Zlatna Nit is an experience that aims to provide a experience where guests will feel completely relaxed yet energized to go back to a demanding life.

We thank you for enjoying this getaway within nature snippet experience at Zlatna Nit. If you would like to relive this experience in real life, please contact our team to organize this wonderful experience.