There is so much to think of when you travel the world with your kids. To make preparations for your next holiday destination easy for you, especially financially, we would like to give you our tips and tricks for affordable family vacations. As we all know, costs can quickly add up when you travel with kids. Traveling close to home or far away, for a short break or a long term vacation, this guide will help you out.

General tips
Traveling is all about the destination, which is precisely the reason why we travel. Discover a new place, experience a new culture, meet new people, enjoy new food, and create fantastic experiences and memories. We know that some places in the world are quite expensive to visit, but if you want to go on a family getaway, travel destinations with a low cost of living are your go-to. It can be quite tempting to stay in your own home country because you think you will save on costs, but that is not necessarily true. Flights are expensive, but can be evened out with everything else, which is why Bosnia is such a great country to visit. Nature in its untouched form with rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, and various opportunities for outdoor activities such as rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, cycling, rock climbing, hiking, and much more.

So, choose your destination wisely and travel further.

Picking a destination abroad means also looking at the exchange rate. One preferably with a favorable exchange rate. Whether you come from a country with Euros, Dollars, Pounds or anything else, the exchange rate from your own currency to Bosnian Mark, will most definitely be in your favor.

Entering a country, depending on your passport. Can mean that you would have to pay for a visa in advance or upon arrival. Some countries have expensive visa rates. When you have a family of at least 3, visa costs can add up.
For many citizens of the world, you can enter Bosnia and Herzegovina without a visa. For those who are required a visa will have to pay $ 39 for single visas and $ 70 for multiple visas.

Here is a list of destinations known for their exquisite travel experiences. Mind you, this list is not exhaustive.
Cheapest countries in:
• Asia: Nepal, India, Vietnam, Laos, Northern Thailand, Cambodia, The Philippines, Malaysia and Sri Lanka and Myanmar.
• North- and South-America: Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala and Nicaragua.
Europe (or near Europe): Romania, Hungary, Poland, Greece, The Baltic States, Turkey, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ukraine, Croatia and Bosnia

Many of these countries have a wonderful climate, even during off-peak times. While we all want to travel during a season with ideal weather conditions, you might be surprised how mild and lovely other seasonal times within a country can be. Choosing to travel when it isn’t doesn’t summer mean that you will be met with rain the entire time or that it is going to be cold. Bosnia is a wonderful option to travel during all months, depending on your reason for traveling. The Una-Sana Canton during spring welcomes in a bit of cold, rain and some pleasantly warm days (from March to May), the end of May is when summer begins to show its presence through scorching hot days. Some days will welcome rain, but those days are far and few between. We do not need to say much about summer, or do we? Dry and hot days are a regular phenomenon. Early autumn is such a stunning time. It is not too hot, but still an extremely pleasant to travel. Ah, and winter? Winter is reserved for winter sports in other regions of the country. Unfortunately, the Una-Sana Canton is mostly wonderful for all other seasons except winter.

While traveling out of season is ideal elsewhere, we have not necessarily noticed drastic price changes during high season. Some tourist destinations such as cities like Sarajevo, Mostar, etc., will increase their prices somewhat during peak seasons, but prices aren’t exorbitant.

Family travel can be tricky during off-seasons because some countries do not have school holidays at the most favorable times. Most parents are bound to fixed school holidays to travel the world, which means that most parents have to travel during peak times, resulting in higher costs for transportation, accommodation and activities.
What are the solutions? Travel while the kids are young, homeschooling, or plan a gap year of plan a few months of travel (long term or full-time travel).

Traveling on a budget with a family requires preparation, which is why it is important to do some research. But we would like make it easy for you and share the best places to stay, where to eat, and what to do in Bosanska Krupa, and the Una-Sana Canton.
Depending on your reasons for traveling, the Una-Sana Canton has many lovely destinations. One of the most popular cities to visit in the Una-Sana Canton is Bihac, due to the river Una flowing through, an exciting nightlife, various activities, and its diverse offering of restaurants, bars, shops and shopping centres, and much more. Bihac has everything you need, but the clamor can be too much. Which is why Bosanska Krupa is ideal.

Choosing a suitable accommodation is essential when you are traveling with kids. Is the space safe enough? Does it offer activities for kids? Does the space offer triple and quadruple rooms, or does it have interconnecting rooms? Zlatna Nit is ideal for families because we provide all of the above! We are located in natural surroundings within a remote location, comfortable rooms for three or four people or rooms that offer you privacy while still maintaining a close distance to your kids. Not only do we have plenty of entertainment for your kids, such as a greenhouse, orchard and vineyard where we grow our own food, farm animals such as chickens, swans, dogs, and ponies, with new additions such as lamas coming soon, a playground for kids, and an outdoor sports court for tennis and soccer that are a part of the package.

Luckily, flights to Bosnia aren’t expensive. Depending where you are flying from, of course, but for most people, it isn’t. An excellent website to look at is Skyscanner, or any other online website that offers cheap flights. Subscribe for flight deals because you will get notified when prices on a particular flight drop.
Going by car, the travel will be long and it could be pricey, but it will prevent you from hiring a car at the destination itself. Also, public transport is an excellent way to explore a destination. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country where having a car is required if you want to explore. While we do have public transport, it isn’t widely developed throughout the whole country. Some trains travel between major cities, but not to the Una-Sana Canton. It is always possible to travel by busses. Prices are cheaper compared to using your own car. While it could cost more to travel with your own vehicle, it provides you with freedom of movement.

Unfortunately, most of the real fun activities cost a bit of money. But don’t despair, you will still have an incredible trip if you don’t try all the highlights or at least choose budget-friendly ones. This is where appreciating active experiences over attractions. Book a tour or guide to see a particular sight. Or go on a hiking trip and explore your natural surroundings in Bosanska Krupa.

Going out also means choosing to go for a walk through the city, maybe stop at the playground, have a picnic somewhere in the forest or along the banks of the Una river, or enjoy a lovely time at the green islands (Zeleni Otoci). The green islands are a wonderful spot because it offers multiple swimming spots in the river Una that are shallow and safe enough. The green island (Zeleni Otoci) isn’t the only place with ideal swimming spots, there are plenty to find along the banks of the river Una.
Between Bosanska Krupa and Bihac, tucked away but also in plain sight, are multiple private beaches ideal for swimming. Set out on an adventure and go on a hunt with your kids to see which private beach you will be able to discover. This can also be a fun activity for your kids.

Several easy hiking trails are offered in Bosanska Krupa. A few of them lead to many stunning sights such as the river and spring of Krušnica, a view over the river Una in the Una river canyon, and sights far beyond.

Food and drinks
Snacks – snacks – snacks – and more snacks! When you have kids and you are out on a mission, as a parent, you know the drill. At all times, have plenty of snacks on you to feed the little ones. Buying snacks at a tourist hot spot can be expensive. They usually come in very small packages, which is why we recommend you stock up at a local supermarket and buy all the snacks there, enough to survive the day. The best snacks are fruit (dry ones too), cookies, and biscuits.

Eating locally is the best thing to do. Prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina are quite favorable. We have plenty of cultural dishes that kids enjoy, and that are not expensive. Bakeries can be found on almost every corner in every city. We can guarantee there is at least one bakery in a place. Bosanska Krupa has three bakeries! Our bakeries are stocked with many freshly baked breads, and both savory and sweet delicacies’ such as burek, pizzas, sandwiches, goods filled with apple and cinnamon, jams, pudding, cream, and chocolate.
Restaurants can be found somewhat outside of town, but in the center of the city we have places that offer fast food asfood, but with a bit more quality.

Of course, preparing food yourself is a real money saver, but when you are staying in specific places like hotels, resorts, B&Bs, etc., you do not have the means to make a meal yourself. But it doesn’t mean you can’t whip up something for a day of traveling. Just remember to buy local products, and don’t buy everything you would at home. Something to consider is making snacks that do not require you to heat up anything, such as granola bars. While it isn’t a meal, it sure does help.
But mostly, just embrace the local cuisine.

Of course, carry your own water bottle with you. Bosnia has many springs and most municipalities have created taps with free flowing water. While you are going out on an adventure and traveling with a car, notice the amount of a taps that are alongside the road. Tasty, fresh, cold water – totally free!

That is all from our side, hope you have enjoyed our guide to family travel on a budget and got some ideas to plan an affordable family vacation! If you have any other tips or recommendations to add to this guide, please leave us a message.