With the slow arrival of warmer weather at the end of spring, the official start of the summer season in Bosanska Krupa happens sometime at the beginning of May. A tradition amongst the citizens is to open the season on the first of May with a jump in the river Una from the wooden bridge.
Who would guess that a small, quaint town such as Bosanska Krupa would hide many interesting activities. If you needed reasons to come and visit Bosanska Krupa, we will give you five reasons why you should stay a while.

Unski Lađari: traditional boat race
In the beginning of August, the municipality of Bosanska Krupa organizes a very special event called “Unski lađari”. The first boat race took place in Bosanska Krupa in 1976. Ever since then, this traditional boat race has been held every year. This tourist sport event shows a stunning display of handcrafted wooden boats racing each other 5 km down the river Una, starting at Crno Jezero (Black Lake), making their way through Bosanska Krupa underneath the wooden bridge. Sportsmen use these traditional Una-boats which are specific to this area and built in accordance with precisely defined regulations. Crews consist of four rowers, two next to each other in two rows, with different categories such as cadets and seniors. Every sportsmen participates in this tradition to demonstrate their rowing skills and physical prowess. We definitely recommend guests.

One of the main activities in the area of the Una-Sana Canton is rafting. All the way from Martin Brod, to Bihac, to Bosanska Krupa, and beyond, is ideal for an adventure on the water. A fierceness that stuns many people, the river Una quickly proves just how volatile she truly is. Despite her rough demeanor, she is also known for her gentler parts, which allows many people who are seeking a bit of a thrill and adventure to add onto their holiday experience. It is possible to stop many times along the way as there are countless “private beaches”. These beaches are ideal to use as a rest stop, to enjoy a bit of swimming, relaxing, maybe even a barbeque and then move on.
This experience can be as active or leisurely as you want to make it. Take your group of friends and family with your kids and enjoy your time in a rafting boat as it can hold up to eight people per boat. Does this sound like a race to you? Most definitely! Splash them along the way with your paddle and race the other team to the next resting spot. The loser has to prepare the barbeque while the winner gets to relax.

Coming in on a close second of the most sought after activity within this area is fishing. Both the rivers Una and Krušnica are rich with different kinds of fish such as trout, sprout, pike and grayling. Every river has their own specific parts where different types of fish and sizes can be found. Our local fishing club the USR Krušnica reports that there are 28 different species of fish found in the Una river alone with some of them reaching a weight over 30 kilograms.

The river Krušnica is a wonderful spot for anglers and those who would like to try their hand at fly fishing. You can reach this location either by car, or you can take a leisurely hike through scenic landscapes. But if you are going with your fishing gear, then we definitely recommend you take the car. The upper part below the source is a perfect spot because it is a relatively shallow compared to the lower part which is several meters deep.

Remember that you do need a fishing license to be able to fish on the river Una and river Krušnica. Our team will be more than happy to arrange a license for you, depending on your requirements and fishing preferences.

Hiking trails
Wild and untouched nature covers this area like a verdant cloak and we have discovered many paths that will lead you through scenic landscapes with stunning vistas. Many, if not all, of the hiking trails within this area are relatively easy to walk, which is perfect when you want to be active with your family and friends but do not want to exhaust yourselves too much. Not too worry, we always have a wellness and spa center waiting for you at Zlatna Nit after a long day of hiking.

We have hiking trails that will take you from Zlatna Nit to Šujnovac, up a large mountain, which will flatten out in a lovely forest walk, then down again to the main road which leads to Sanski Most, crossing over to go down to the river and spring of Krušnica, where you can enjoy the sight and have a picnic, then you can make the same way back again, or go another direction.
Another hiking trail will lead you to a stunning sight of a cliff overlooking the winding of the river Una in the canyon. The path can go on leading you to a steep mountain wall with 15 climbing paths for those who are keen to climb. Beyond this exciting adventure awaits a stunning vista that overlooks the whole Una river canyon. This view will for sure take your breath away (in more ways than one, for some).

Zeleni Otoci
Music and summer, a perfect combination. Concerts and other forms of live music events and gatherings are one of our favorite experiences. Zeleni Otoci knows how to incorporate these two to create a wonderful experience. A chill beach bar by day where you can sit back and relax with drinks being served, ice cream, tanning on the tanning beds and occasionally taking a dive in the water to cool down from the heat of day. Nights at Zeleni Otoci transform into something exceptional, especially during weekends where live music is organized. Many citizens from Bosanska Krupa and visitors from all over, make their way over at night to enjoy their night singing away. Whether you are from a younger or older generation, the Bosnian spirit comes out when songs from the past echo through the night.
The purpose of Zeleni Otoci is to become a space where people can gather during the day or night with friends and family to enjoy a comfortable ambiance. The space was created to uplift the spirits of the citizens within Bosanska Krupa by offering them a resting spot where they can enjoy themselves in many different ways such as outdoor activities such as rafting, cycling, kayaking, but also swimming in the river Una, listening to music (depending on the waiter, the music genres played can differ), playing some volleyball or enjoying a barbeque.

Whether you go to Zeleni Otoci with your partner, your group of friends or your family, there is something for everyone and a fun time is guaranteed.

Make your way down to Bosanska Krupa and experience all of the above-mentioned yourself with your loved one, friends or family.