After a whole year at school or kindergarten, your little ones deserve a great holiday, too! Many hotels recently focus on the “for adults” concept and are not prepared for the needs of the little ones. We would like to show you how easy it is to bring your kids along on your travels and that it can be as enjoyable and comfortable for you as it can be for them.

For your family
If you ever have fallen in love with Zlatna Nit then you have done so with our remote location within nature, comfortable lodgings, a charming and bucolic style, and a large variety of facilities, services and activities such as a restaurant, spa center with saunas and a massage room, a gym, outdoor sports court for tennis and soccer, and plenty of outdoor activities on offer, then you will for sure with what we have prepared for your little ones.

In addition, children under the age of 6 stay for free. Our triple rooms are at a price of 119 KM and quadruple rooms come at a price of 152 KM. The discount you receive is significantly lower than our standard per night per person rate which is 63 KM. All prices mentioned include taxes.
The triple and quadruple rooms at are considered our family rooms. Our two quadruple rooms are right next to each other in our main building, overlooking the outdoor sports court. These rooms are significantly larger so that everyone in the family has space. If your little one is tired (or so are you), you can order lunch or dinner and have it brought to your room. A little bit of family intimacy never hurts.

We have a large screen TV with various channels for the whole family, early check-in and late check-out, to adapt to your needs during the trip. In addition, we have a cot and baby chair available. Do not hesitate to tell us if you are in need of one or both. We will do everything in our power to provide you and your little ones a most comfortable stay.

A few activities have already been mentioned but we would also like to share a few more exciting activities that you and your little ones will absolutely adore! There are plenty of things to see and do at Zlatna Nit but also around. Our staff is at your disposal at any given moment to provide you with recommendations that are most suitable for you, your family and your needs.

If you want to stay at Zlatna Nit, then we have a few interesting things to see and do. True to our surroundings and the “village vibe” we have a lot of of farm animals such as chickens, swans, two ponies and a few dogs that would love to receive a little bit of care from the little ones. Moreover, our natural surroundings are ideal to grow many things within our orchard and vineyard. We also have a greenhouse where we grow most of our leafy greens which are used as ingredients within a lot of our dishes.
We know the importance of connecting children to the environment and educating them how to take care of our natural surroundings so it can take care of us in return. Which is why we are more than happy to have your little ones tag along with us to show them how to water vegetables, how to sew seeds, how to plant seedlings, how to take care of our animals, tree care, and so much more.

Our restaurant also has a children’s corner where you can find a few toys, coloring books and crayons. Should your children prefer a specific activity, please do let us know ahead of time so we will be able to arrange it for you, anything from face painting and storytelling.

Outside of Zlatna Nit are endless opportunities for exploration. Depending on what type of holiday you are looking for, more focused on relaxation or adventure, we are able to provide you with recommendations. For those who are looking to relax with their family, we recommend a leisurely stroll through Bosanska Krupa. The best part of town does not allow car traffic, which means that your kids can leisurely stroll passed cafes, over the wooden bridge, alongside the river Una, all the way to the “Male Ade” which are several green islands connected to each other with wooden bridges.
The main island holds a playground, two beach bars called Zeleni Otoci and Havana and a volleyball court with sand. While you enjoy a drink and leisurely read a book sitting back on a sun bed, you can watch your little ones have fun in the shallow waters along the banks. We do want to caution parents that the river can be strong in a few areas and can pull your kids away. Please keep an eye on your little ones and make sure to stay in the shallow parts, which are plenty!
In the Una river canyon are several beaches, tucked away for your own privacy. It does take a little bit of exploration to find them.

For those who are seeking to keep themselves and their kids active, we have several hiking trails that are easy for the whole family. Take a stroll down to the spring of the river Krušnica, walk along flat scenic landscapes with the forest covered hills surrounding you on all sides. Introduce your kids to the majesty and power of the spring and then take the time to enjoy a picnic along the banks, while you listen to the sound of nature in all its forms: the song of birds, the gushing of the spring, the running water, and the sound of the wind through the leaves of trees. Picnicking at its best.
Other trails will be a little bit more challenging due to the fact it goes uphill, but we are certain that older children will make it a competition to see who gets to the top first without breaking a sweat or losing their breath! Do not worry, the paths will even out and lead you through scenic landscapes and stunning vistas.

With plenty things to see and to do in and around Zlatna Nit and Bosanska Krupa, it will make you and your children want to come back year after year.