Tell us what you want and we will tell you how we can achieve your dream holiday within nature. Like everything in life, trips become completely different depending on attitude and expectations, even when it is the same destination. Preferences are as unique as each individual so we have made a selection of ideas based on three key travel types to inspire your new adventure. Read on to find the perfect option:

Leisure, in all its forms
Find your 5-star experience in our 3-star hotel. Sounds peculiar? Not really. Here’s why: while it is true that there are certain requirements a hotel needs to have in order to be characterized as luxury (4 or 5-star) but we believe it is also a feel. One of the characteristics is a team that is most attentive and decisive, that goes above and beyond to realize a guest’s wish, and to exceed one’s expectations. Of course, offering an exceptional space that make each stay an unforgettable experience is a must, and we offer just that.

When it comes to Bosanska Krupa, a small and quaint town known for its vibe during the summer months and a variety of outdoor activities that people can enjoy such as fishing, rafting and kayaking, quad rides and plenty more, no place meets these standards better than Zlatna Nit. A remote location within nature, tranquil surroundings, an idyllic setting with a bucolic style, a diverse gastronomic offer to suit the palate of our culturally diverse guests, and facilities such as a wellness and spa center, restaurant, outdoor sports court, and verdant surroundings that offer plenty of exploration opportunities. The center of town is but a 4 km drive away. After spending the day touring Bosanska Krupa and beyond, you can enjoy coming back to a remote location within nature that feels like your own private vacation home to relax and unwind in our Wellness and Spa center in our saunas and finish with a delicious dinner with a recommended vintage at Zlatna Nit.

Relax for the evening in one of our comfortable rooms, enjoy the serenity our natural surroundings have to offer and sleep peacefully.
The best way to start another day full of adventures is by beginning it in a leisurely fashion. Wake up feeling refreshed and recharge with a hearty breakfast in our restaurant.
Plenty of activities are lined up, all depending on what it is you desire to do. The town has many interesting cultural points such as the 13th-century fortress, Bosanska Krupa’s cultural center (one of the oldest in the area), the symbol of a multi-confessional Bosnia and Hercegovina such as a mosque, Orthodox Church and a Catholic Church standing peacefully together in a circle of 100 meters, and a memorial for the four people from Bosanska Krupa who perished on the 10th of April in 1912 when the Titanic sank.

Immerse yourself with the locals and enjoy what the city has to offer: multiple cafes along the banks of the river Una. Relax, read a book, simply sit back on a comfy chair in the sun or jump in the water of the river Una at Zeleni Otoci or the Havana bar on the green islands.
Explore your surroundings on a quad or car and see what small restaurants, private beaches and sightseeing points there are to discover in the area.

For those who wish to be a little bit more active there are plenty of hiking trails to explore that lead you through serene landscapes or hop on a bike and cycle along the river Una or visit the source of the river Krušnica not far away from us. Stunning sights await in the Una river canyon such as as the one called Gradina, about 10 km away from Bosanska Krupa. Stand on the precipice of a cliff, overlooking the river Una winding through the canyon. Mind your step, though! Continue on foot far beyond the canyon and experience a panoramic views of the whole area. Talk about breathtaking.
If walking is not much of your thing but you still want to enjoy a bit of lone time with just you and the water then we can recommend fishing. Allow us to arrange a fishing license for you for both the river Una or river Krušnica, or just one of them. Enjoy the flora and fauna of this area found above and below the surface of the water with a large variety of fish. Remember to catch and release.

Summertime brings a lot of interesting events such as the Una Regatta that happens sometime in July. It is by far the biggest event that happens in the Una-Sana Canton. A festival atmosphere surrounds the whole area throughout the week, which is a perfect opportunity to experience the whole region. More than 10,000 visitors gather in this area to not only participate in the event, but to also enjoy watching on the sidelines as people flow their way down the river from Martin Brod, Bihac, to Bosanska Krupa and Otoka. You can choose to participate in a rafting boat the whole way or choose your preference for an area.

Whatever it is you desire to do, we know how to arrange a leisurely or adventurous time for you. Maybe a combination is what you desire? Nature enthusiasts, thrill seekers and relaxation lovers will most definitely find themselves at Zlatna Nit. Our team has experience in creating a plan for a getaway within nature that will suit your needs, wishes and requirements. If you are one of these types of people, or a combination, then we recommend you contact our team at Zlatna Nit to arrange the holiday within nature of your dreams. We like to keep it simple here at Zlatna Nit, but it does not mean your holiday will be.

Together is always better
Nothing better than enjoying your time with the ones you love most. This can be your partner but also group of friends and family. Such holidays are all about creating great memories that we can treasure. Share your passion for relaxation and adventure with your family and friends. Do not worry about the comfort of the little ones, it is time to leave that fear behind. Zlatna Nit offers something for everyone, of every age group. We seek to make your holiday an unforgettable experience in the family which is why we know many ways to take care of them while you have some fun.

One of our favorite options is to use the outdoor tennis court that is also ideal for soccer. Soccer balls and tennis rackets and tennis balls can be provided by our staff. Your little ones can also visit the farm animals we have on the property such as chickens, goats and sheep, and two ponies. Learning can be fun, but learning about where the food that is presented during dinnertime is even more interesting. Our greenhouse, vineyard and orchard are open for guests to visit. Do not feel afraid to ask our staff questions and to even ask if you can help water the plants or plant some seeds.
The area is safe to go for walks, landscapes surround us and there are almost to no cars in the area of Vranjska, Gudavac and Veliki/Mali Radić. We do want to caution guests that we are still in a relatively wild area so sightings of bears, wolves and wild pigs are known. However, no incidents of attacks have been recorded. While we do encourage exploration we do want to add that you do it with caution, as always.

While you enjoy your time with us, we would like you and your loved ones to be comfortable but also close to each other. Which is why we have two quadruple rooms available, right next to each other, overlooking the outdoor sports court. Three of our rooms are also triple rooms, and we have two double rooms that have an interconnecting feature. Contact our team to reserve these rooms for you ahead of time should you need them.

Duty calls
Although we would like to, not all trips are reserved for holidays, some are for business. However it does not mean that it has to be less entertaining or relaxing. On the contrary, choosing the space where you get the best of both worlds is the secret ingredients. Finding that middle ground between work and pleasure can be found at Zlatna Nit.

Being in a remote location within nature offers you the peace and calm that one seeks when working on important projects or tasks that need to be completed. Taking a short time off is possible. Simply step outside of your room to enjoy the verdancy of your surroundings and go for a short stroll. Working hard and you cannot make your way to the restaurant? Not to worry, order what you like on the menu and one of our staff will deliver it to you. Relax and unwind after a long day in our wellness and spa center and blow off some steam in our gym. Clear your mind with a run on rural roads with forests and hills surrounding you.

Organize a small-scale corporate event, meeting or team-building activity in an unique setting elevates your event to another level. If you are in or near Bosanska Krupa, do not hesitate to visit Zlatna Nit and see in what way this interesting location can combine business and leisure. Whatever the size, duration or purpose of your corporate event or meeting, we are capable of arranging refreshments and lunches and dinners in agreement with you. We offer a wide gastronomic offer – a menu that has meals from various cultural orientations. Elevate your corporate experience with a traditional Bosnian style barbeque and experience a taste of Bosnia.

Being 4 km away from the center of Bosanska Krupa allows you quick access to roads that are linked to many other cities. Bosanska Krupa is considered a crossroads and links ups to Bihac, Cazin, Sanski Most, Buzim and many other cities in this area. All roads pass through Bosanska Krupa, which is an ideal stop if you are traveling from one city to another for business purposes and require a remote location to relax from work. At the end of the day, all rounds within the Una-Sana Canton lead to Bosanska Krupa.

No matter where you go or why you go, you can count on us to create a trip of your dreams. See you soon!