Whether it be around completing a task, reaching our goals, winning a board game, or a friendly rivalry between our favorite football teams, there is something about winning that makes us happy. It makes sense because winning gives us a boost of dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins. These hormones are also known as our “happiness hormones” but they can also be called our “success hormones”. A friendly competition in the workplace is extremely beneficial, and should be encouraged because it not only puts people in a happy mood, but they can also give people optimism, energy, connect with people, a higher focus, but also elevate drive, leadership and confidence. It makes us feel capable. Capable to do our job, capable to succeed whatever lands on our path.

Motivation, accountability, performance, and innovation all stem from competition. Now, we all have competitive characteristics within us, some more than others, but it is important to have it at least a little. Competition can be used as a motivation for improvement. Yes, you will take on people that will be better than you, but that is one way that we will learn about our own capabilities through somebody else. They will shine light on the parts we can improve and show us where our strengths lie. Moreover, simply by knowing your own strengths and weaknesses and using those in an activity with other people will highlight where others can improve and where their strengths lie. We would also like to call it “self-building”. It all starts with the self, what the areas of improvement are, how you can do that, but also where your strengths lie. The importance lies in knowing what makes you unique.

The benefits of building yourself first will reflect within the team as well. It is impossible for one person to possess all qualities to make a project, campaign, event, or business run smoothly. We need other people, a team of people, who are different from us and have different skills, qualities and expertise, strength and weaknesses, to help us achieve a goal. Which is why team-building activities are incredibly important. Many companies and businesses know this, so they encourage team-building activities to strengthen the bonds between people in a team or department. To help create a cohesion, a unified strength, but to also help people understand themselves better. However, this is often met with a reluctance to participate.


Creating team-building activities that people will actually enjoy is of the essence, and we know just the way…


The weekend of the 6th of May till the 8th of May was a busy one for us, but an exciting one: we organized our very first event: an international soccer tournament, where several teams from all over Europe signed up to participate in a friendly competition to win a trophy, but also to have a good time.

Businesses within the industrial field such as ZAH doo, Konig Metal, Eurosjaj, and many more, chose their best players to show the excellence of their companies.

Players of young and old both participated, often in the same team. Where the younger team members easily endured the duration of the game compared to the older, the older generation showed up with plenty of years of playing soccer. What was highlighted during this game was that each generation and each team had their own specific strengths and weaknesses. Where one player lacked stamina, skills, confidence, or physical endurance, another team player was able to balance that out. Every person in every team’s sole focus was scoring goals so their team could be one step closer to winning that trophy, that nobody even noticed they were improving collaboration within their team, getting to know each other better, their opponents, but also themselves.

Which is what events such as these are all about: having fun while we learn new skills or improve old ones, and fortify the strength within our team.

This weekend passed with new friendships made and a stronger bond between businesses. We have to admit, this is a fantastic way to get to know the people you are in partnership with. To finally see the faces you are collaborating with.
Jokes were made, laughs were had, and fun times were shared on and off the soccer field, around the table with good food catered by our own kitchen, and music.


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