In this beautiful region of the Una-Sana Canton, we have a lot to be proud of; the Una river, the river and spring Krušnica, the Una National Park, several fantastic landscapes such as Grmeč mountain and its surrounding hills as well as the river Una canyon. Scenic landscapes, wild forests, and waterfalls greet you. If you are new to this area, allow us to show you a few routes that we absolutely adore in this are of Bosanska Krupa. We believe it is the best space for hiking, especially for beginners.

To start, it is important to know what excites you. Is it waterfalls, wildflowers, forests, or other scenic landscapes? What distance are you looking to travel? Would you like to be close to the river Una or the river Krušnica? We hope that the next few hiking trails will help you choose the best ones for your next visit to Bosanska Krupa. I hope the beauty of the natural surroundings will give you a refreshing burst of nature and inspire you to protect it by leaving no trace. Happy exploring!

Gradina – 19 km, 5-6 hours
This relaxing walk takes you from Bosanska Krupa up towards the canyon. Before your arrival to the stunning view overlooking the river Una winding through the canyon, the hiking trail will take you through scenic landscapes and a bit of forest. The first part of the hiking path will be a relatively steep incline on an asphalt road, where two thirds is dirt road. Once you reach the dirt road, the incline will even out, leaving you to enjoy your surroundings. There isn’t much cover from the sun so please do remember to wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Scenic landscapes with a few farm houses make way for more forest. Some paths will confuse you, simply follow the red circles with a white dot in the center. They will show you which path you need to take.

Mind you, this time also includes resting for an hour or two.

River and spring Krušnica – 16 km, 3-4 hours
Starting from the center of Bosanska Krupa, where the two churches and fountain are located, the hiking trail will lead you out of the city. The hike starts in an easy manner with a flat landscape leading you all the way to the spring of Krušnica. Enjoy a rest and a picnic because it is about to get steep. The second half of the hike will be a steep incline through a forest area, before it opens up to an open landscape of rolling hills. The path leads down to the road leading back to Bosanska Krupa. Cut right across and make your way up a forest covered hill. Magical forest views await that look ethereal. The forest path is relatively even, but will lead you at some point down a hill again. Mind your step here! There are rocks on the path down to Šujnovac. Take a moment’s rest in Šujnovac where a stream of water comes out of the forests above, with water clear, cool and fresh. Perfect to drink after a long hike. The serenity of the space allows you to rest before you make your way back to Zlatna Nit, just another 2 km.

Go far beyond
Remember the gradina walk? Well, this is the extension of it. The walk will go further through forest area. An exciting new activity has been added by the mountaineering club “Grmeč” and that is a climbing wall. This wall has a stunning view overlooking the canyon. Fifteen different climbing paths are lined up for you, the only thing you need to do is choose which one to climb first. Once you are content with climbing, you can make your way to a view that will take your breath away: a panoramic view of the whole canyon.
There are many different routes one can take, it all depends on what it is you would like to do.