A big reason for traveling is to experience new landscapes, new sights, new cultures, and much more. Nature is a big part of it. Imagine going on a beach holiday, expecting to see clean waters and beaches, only to be met with dirty water or floating debris that is washed up on the shore. No matter where you put your towel, you will find plastic and other forms of waste.
One of the main reasons we hike is to enjoy different landscapes with wonderful views. Imagine hiking along the way and finding bags of rubbish or packages from used granola bars.

A rafting experience is all about enjoying the flow of the water and resting your eyes on the greenery of your surroundings. Such experience can quickly dim down before you even hit the waters. Garbage and all kinds of other waste thrown away down the side of the river, out of cars or on one of the resting spots. Instead of seeing the flow of underwater vegetation, you see plastic being swept away by the current of the river. Instead of resting your eyes on greenery, your eyes catch on the different colors of plastic that is found along the banks of the river.

Nature has a very special place in the hearts of many. We expect to see it in its full glory; beautiful, pristine and untouched. But that oftentimes does not happen. The pride and joy of the Una-Sana Canton is, as the name suggests, the river Una. Unfortunately, many do not know how to appreciate the treasure we have. The name Una means one, the only one. Since there is no other like the river Una, we need to treat her with respect and care.

The Tourist Board of Bihac started the Eco-Regatta event in 2019 and it spread to the territory of Bosanska Krupa. The canyon is separated into different parts: the municipality of Bihac cleans the route all the way through to the bridge in Grmuša, and the municipality of Bosanska Krupa cleans the part from the bridge all the way to Zeleni Otoci in Bosanska Krupa. Groups that join this event are tourist stakeholders who benefit from the cleanliness of the river Una and us her for their activities and offers for tourists. People are split into teams: some get into the rafting boats and clean-up along on the water and along the banks of the water and the other teams drive to each resting spot and down to the water. Team rafting boats drop off the bags of garbage at certain checkpoints along the coast and team land leaves the garbage bags at the resting spots for the municipality to pick up.

While it is impossible to pick up all the garbage in one or two days, the effort that nature lovers put into cleaning the river Una, and bringing it back to a cleaner state is what it is all about. This action is all about sending a message: a message to nature that we appreciate her and want to take care of her, a message to visitors who come to the resting spots that they need to keep the space clean, and to our fellow citizens that it is important to preserve the treasure we have received.
She never stops giving in forms of her beauty, her abundant flora and fauna, the adventure she provides on the water, the tranquility we receive from fishing or simply sitting in her presence, and the refreshing feeling we get when we take a dive into her coolness. Even after all the waste that is being thrown in her waters and along the sides, she still continues to remain abundant in her gifts. She doesn’t expect anything back, so the only way we can show our gratitude, even in the smallest form, is to throw away the plastic from your candy into the trash bin or keep it into your pocket until you find one.

Tourists come to Bihac and Bosanska Krupa mostly because of the river Una. Our recommendations involve a lot of outdoor activities such as rafting, cycling, quad rides, hikes, and plenty more. Zlatna Nit benefits greatly from the beauty the river Una, river Krušnica, and all other natural surroundings such as scenic landscapes, which is why we participated in the 2022 Eco-Regatta to show our appreciation and gratitude for attracting so many tourists in this area, and hopefully to many more tourists who will experience the emerald beauty for themselves.

A big thank you to all tourism stakeholders involved!