Off-season travel is a trend that has become increasingly popular by many due to its various benefits. No more standing in long cues and lines for sights, no overly large crowds, and no expensive flights. We would like to explore with you what you will be able to do in the wildest part of Bosnia, the Una-Sana Canton, during seasons when it is most quiet: spring and autumn.

Vacations are planned during those time because of a national schedule; kids are free from schools and parents plan their holidays to align with the times their kids have their summer and winter holidays. Prices for flights, accommodation and certain activities are more expensive during those times. Traveling off-season can be quite tricky when you have kids but it is not impossible. We have made a blog about how to travel with kids on a budget. You can find that post here.
However, when you and your partner are not confined to the schedules of your kids or simply do not have such responsibility in your life, then planning your off-season holiday to Bosnia and Herzegovina will be an absolute pleasure.

We have to mention that summers and winters in Bosnia and Herzegovina are excellent for obvious reasons. The temperatures are ideal for whatever the season brings: high temperatures makes it easy for you to dive into cooling lakes, rivers and seas, and the cooling temperatures brings the snow in specific areas, perfecting for a lot of fun in the snow. Spending some quality time under the sun during summer seems like a great idea until temperatures skyrocket over the 40s. Imagine an overwhelming heat in a tourist destination that is packed with tourists? Or when you are visiting your favorite ski resort around Sarajevo with temperatures below zero and the slopes packed with people.
Off-season temperatures within Bosnia and Herzegovina are known to be somewhat ideal during spring and autumn. While the change of seasons can be a bit temperamental, it is known for its milder temperatures. The extremes we experience during the high-season are not found off-season, but still pleasant enough to partake in plenty of activities. The best off-season months to visit Bosnia are from April to May and September and October. Spring does bring more rainfall and the weather can switch quickly from high temperatures to a low ones, which is why we recommend to visit during fall in September and October. Temperatures will still be incredibly pleasant and the weather will be more stable, allowing for an easy and effortless transition into winter.

Imagine no more overcrowded spaces within many tourist destinations and having to wait in line for many activities… Sounds ideal, right? You can simply walk into a restaurant without having to worry about space. Simply choose a spot, have a seat and enjoy a calming evening with some good food and a relaxed service. Freely roam the streets without having to worry about bumping into someone or having to walk at a painfully slow pace. Major tourist destinations such as Sarajevo, Mostar, and others are a pleasure to visit because the crowd that would usually overtake tourist regions are not present, allowing you to enjoy an unobscured view of many sights. Plenty of cultural and historical sights such as monuments, museums, art galleries, and so much more, are easily accessible.
Crowds in certain activities are unavoidable because they are season bound, which will inevitably attract a lot of people during those times. However, there are plenty of activities that are not season-bound and can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Bosnians are an easy-going, pleasant and hospitable crowd who enjoy relaxing and having a good time during high-season, but off-season? Catch them in an even more relaxed state. While everyday life still requires them to keep on moving, the lack of tourist masses makes them wind down even more. Sharing the streets and their favorite spots in town with tourists is not a problem for them, but they do enjoy it when the high-season ends. Bosnian can reclaim their favorite places and sights for a while before another season arrives.
Use this as an opportunity to connect with the locals. Catch them in their favorite restaurants or cafes and strike up a conversation. Ask for their experience and advice about their lives within the destination you visit. Ask them which restaurants are the best or which nightclub, natural surrounding or outdoor activity is a recommendation.

Not only are the people friendly, but the prices are are also friendly for your wallet. Depending where you come from, the British Pound, the European Euro and the American/Canadian/Australian Dollar is on your side. The strength of these foreign foreign currencies outweigh the Bosnian Mark by quite a bit. Living standards are lower compared to these countries, which means that prices are also lower. Many tourist establishments for accommodation, sights, activities, etc., increase their prices during high-season, and will lower them during off-season. While off-season prices can be found, due to the already low standards of living within Bosnia and Herzegovina, many places will not have off-season prices. This is not an issue for many tourists, because no matter the high-season or low season, prices are relatively the same in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Planning your trip to Zlatna Nit will be ideal in any season. So, what are you waiting for? Spring is already here. Choose the next best time to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina during an off-season and experience all of the benefits mentioned above. Check out our website to see all the activities and facilities we offer. Book your stay at Zlatna Nit in no time.