Deciding where to take your partner for your special occasion can be tricky. Of course, you want it to be perfect by choosing the right location, the activities, the setting, and so much more. We know all too well that special moments such as these require attention to detail and care. Allow us to show you an example of a weekend getaway at Zlatna Nit for you and your partner that promises to deliver an enchanting time.

The journey starts at your home where you make your way to Bosanska Krupa. Driving up a hill where you leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and welcome the verdant surroundings and tranquility of the forests. Snaking your way through the forest on a 4 km long road with nothing but you and nature. The path opens up to an idyllic scene of a rustic settlement surrounded by hills and forests on all sides.
Stepping out of the car the first thing that you notice is all the green, and then the welcoming silence of nature. A calming feeling washes over you as you make your way down to the restaurant, where you will be warmly welcomed and shown to your room.

Open the door and find a world of red with handmade wooden furniture, and a comfortable bed with fresh and clean linen covered in rose petals. A bouquet of red roses, a bottle of Nuić wine with two wine glasses and sweet treats are placed on the table for you and your partner to enjoy. Drop you suitcase and take the bottle of wine and wine glasses to the balcony, a view that overlooks the vineyard and orchard, and outdoor sports court are features you find within.
Fill up your glasses with red and enjoy a chocolate treat while you watch the sun making its way across the horizon.

After a few moments of leisure on the balcony of your room, make your way down to the wellness and spa center. Calming music greets you. Enjoy a few relaxing moments in the jacuzzi, before moving on to the Bio sauna and then Finnish sauna. Feel revived and lighter after a detoxification process. Breathe deeply the healing particles of Himalayan salt to clear out your breathing passages. End your holistic treatment with a massage that will ensure you are completely calm and relaxed before your dinner.

Have a seat at one of our tables in our restaurant, or choose to sit outside on our terrace where the stars are your ceiling. Should the night be chilly, ask your waiter for a blanket. Select a meal from our culturally diverse menu and allow the waiter to make a wine recommendation that will compliment your culinary experience. Enjoy the tranquility of your natural surroundings, where the sounds of the night, soft chatter and laughter envelop you in a tranquil embrace.
Return to your room satisfied and climb into bed. Allow yourself to sink deeply into your dreams, where the sounds of night lull you into a deep sleep.

Wake up with the sounds of birds singing their song, the wind sweeping gently through the leaves and insects greeting another summer day.
Relish in slow moments, particularly with a breakfast on the terrace, watching the sun making its way across the horizon.
Take a stroll and explore your natural surroundings. Experience the reach of the tranquil silence nature has to offer within the immediate surroundings of Zlatna Nit. Make your way back and settle yourself in your car, preparing yourself for a trip back home, with memories to remember and a sense of calm.

Should you wish to experience a romantic getaway within nature, then contact our team to plan your stay with us for your special moment with your partner.